2 Habits That Can Help Your Septic Tank Last As Long As Possible

A septic tank is an essential part of any home that is located in an area where it may not be possible to have access to a traditional sewage system. However, if you want your septic tank to last as long as possible, you will want to make sure that you treat it right. Two habits that can help you ensure a long lifespan for your septic tank are to only flush materials that your septic tank can break down and to hire a septic tank pumping service.

Only Flush Materials That Can Be Broken Down

The most important habit that you can develop when having a septic tank is to make sure that any materials that are flushed down a drain are capable of being broken down quickly. A septic tank utilizes bacteria to break down materials which are then sent out of the septic tank and into the ground via a drainage pipe. If a material is flushed down the drain and is not broken down quickly, it can get caught in the drainage pipe, thus causing the septic tank to back up and become damaged.

Materials that you will want to avoid rinsing or flushing down the drain will include bones, metal, plastic, and cloth. In addition to keeping those materials out of your septic tank, you can also utilize septic-safe products. For example, even toilet paper can eventually build up and clog a septic tank if enough it flushed down the drain, but a septic safe type of toilet paper is designed to break apart more quickly than traditional toilet paper and will put less of a strain on the septic system.

Hire A Septic Tank Pumping Service

Finally, you will want to make a habit of having your septic tank pumped regularly. Thankfully, this is not a task that you will have to handle yourself as septic tank pumping services are available to empty your tank out whenever you need them to. The reason that it is so important to make a habit of hiring a septic tank pumping service is that it will keep the tank from overflowing and damaging your yard, home, and the tank itself.

Even if you are careful about what items are flushed down the drains, there will come a point where the septic tank will need to be emptied. For most households, having the tank emptied every three years is more than sufficient. If you own and utilize a garbage disposal, the increased amount of waste being sent to the septic tank will mean that you need to empty the tank annually.

Speak to a septic tank service or dealer today in order to discuss other ways to keep your septic tank working well. By making a habit of regularly hiring a septic tank pumping service and only flushing the right materials down the drain you can help ensure a long lifespan for your septic tank.

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