3 Rental Items To Help Keep Guests Out Of Your House At Your Private Event

Are you hosting a big private event at your home? Perhaps a wedding or some kind of fundraiser? Would you like to keep most of the activities outdoors and limit the traffic in and out of your house? Hosting a private event can be fun, but it can also be stressful for the homeowner. You can't be sure that everyone will be respectful of your property, and you might be concerned about damage inside your home. If you can keep the activities outdoors, you can limit those risks. The best way to keep guests outdoors is by eliminating any reason they would have to go indoors. Here are three rental items that do just that:

Tent. Perhaps the biggest reason why your guests may head indoors is if it starts raining. While rain isn't ideal, there's no reason why it has to ruin your event. Simply rent a tent to put up in the main area of the event. A pole tent will provide much-appreciated shelter from both rain and from the sun. You can make the tent more comfortable by renting flooring and tables and chairs. Also, look for tents that have tie-down walls that can prevent rain from blowing into the shelter. With a solid tent in place, your guests will have an outdoor area to escape the elements.

Fans or Heaters. Your guests may also be tempted to come inside if the weather is either extremely hot or extremely cold. One way you can combat this is by heating or cooling elements in place. If cold weather is possible, consider renting some fire pits to build fires. You could also rent heaters for people to huddle around. For hot weather, look at commercial fans or even misting equipment. That will give people spots to heat up or cool off.

Portable toilets. Finally, another major reason why guests may want to come inside is to use your restroom. If you have a lot of guests and only a couple of bathrooms, you could have long lines in your house constantly throughout the event. This is an easy fix. Just rent some portable toilets to put in a discreet area of your yard. The rental company will likely deliver them and pick them up. You can also get some that have sinks and are relatively comfortable and clean so your guests will feel at ease in them.

For more information, contact a company that rents out portable toilets. They can help you determine what kind and how many you need.

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