4 Tips For Planning A Wonderful Family Reunion

Family reunions are a wonderful way for extended family members to get together and make memories together. But the logistics of a family reunion can be difficult to plan for. A good family reunion is affordable for all members to attend, in a central location, and things like accommodations and meals are well thought out. An outdoor family reunion is a great idea if you want ample space for adults to socialize and for kids to have room to run around and play. Use the following tips for planning a successful outdoor family reunion:

Book an Outdoor Site in Advance

Parks, beaches and campgrounds are all great places to hold family reunions, but the most popular ones get booked for events far in advance. If you are in charge of planning a family reunion, it is important to communicate with your family members to determine exactly where you would like to hold the event many months in advance. This will give you enough time to book the space, or find a new place if your first choice is not available on the dates that work best for all family members.

Make Decisions About Food

The cornerstone of most family reunions is a delicious meal. When you have an outdoor family reunion, you have to decide whether it will be a potluck or if everyone will contribute to the cost of having the meal catered. There are pros and cons to both options-- potlucks are typically more affordable, but catering is more convenient. If you decide to have the event catered, make sure that you let everyone know the cost per person in advance and set a deadline for payment so there are no issues when you have to pay the catering company.

Plan Fun Activities

Socializing and spending time together can be great, but planning fun activities can ensure that every member of your family has a good time and no one gets bored. Consider having a touch football game or a water balloon toss. If you and your family are outgoing, a family talent show can be a lot of fun. To preserve memories of your family reunion, consider setting up a photo area with a background and a camera or smart phone on a tripod with a timer so families can take photos.

Don't Forget About Bathroom Facilities

When you have a large group getting together outdoors, it is important to think about bathroom facilities. If your family reunion is taking place at a park, beach, campground or any other outdoor space you should budget for renting portable toilets. The portable toilets of today are a lot different than they used to be; many companies rent out very clean portable toilets that are similar to small bathrooms and have built in sinks for hand washing. For more information, talk to a toilet rental company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc.

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