3 Tips For Easier Recycling And Limiting The Need For Trash Removal

If you have ever noticed how full your garbage can is on trash day or have accidentally missed trash day and then had to figure out what to do with an overly full can, you know how frustrating the entire process can be. Fortunately, you can be kind to the environment and to the trash removal people each week, by applying the below recycling tips to your regular trash separation practices.

#1-If You Use A Bigger Recycling Container, Your Family May Be More Likely To Fill It

One recent study determined that a reason that many people do not recycle as much as they could is the diminutive size of their storage containers. Therefore, you may be able to encourage your family to put more items in your recycling bin by simply using a bigger unit.

#2-Do Not Just Keep The Containers In One Area

One common reason for items that can be recycled not making their way into the recycle bin is often the placement of the containers. While you probably have multiple trash cans throughout the home, including the laundry room and bathrooms, it is not unusual to have just one bin for each recyclable item and it is not always convenient.

It is just too easy to throw an empty aluminum can in the garbage can in the living room or the empty fabric softener box into the laundry trash, when the recycle bin is in the garage or on the back porch. Instead, try to offer multiple containers, so that you always have that option. Combining them on the day before recycle day is a quick way to do the right thing.

#3-Think Outside The Box (Even If It Is The Toy Box)

It is simple to associate recycling with plastics, cans and paper. However, it is important to remember that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Instead of tossing usable toys and clothing, especially as Christmas of 2015 approaches, allow those items to be reused by other children.

Thrift stores are an obvious choice, but homeless shelters, domestic violence centers and pediatric wards at hospitals also need your donations. Remember that any item that does not wind up in your trash can for removal to the nearest dump or landfill each week should count as a win.

In conclusion, everyone has garbage, but you get to choose what you do with it. If you are sick of having a full garbage can and adding to the quickly filling landfills, use the tips mentioned here to lessen the need for weekly trash removal.

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