Four Septic Tank Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Damage And Repair Costs

If your home is on a septic system, maintenance is an important part of preventing problems. The main thing that you hear about is pumping your septic tank, but this is not the only maintenance that needs to be done regularly. Other tasks include inspections to ensure that your system is working properly and responsible use of water. Here are some tips to help you prevent some of the most common septic tank problems: 

1. Reducing Water Consumption To Relieve Septic System

Excessive use of water can be one of the reasons why you have problems with a septic system. It is important to not abuse the use of appliances like washing machines. This can cause tanks to become overburdened and solids to backup into lines. To help prevent this, you may want to consider solutions like grey water irrigation.

2. Regular Inspection To Ensure Septic System Does Not Need Repairs

Inspecting the different components of your septic system is also important to ensure that it is working properly. Many modern septic systems have things like distribution boxes and overflow alarms to warn you when there is a problem. These components should be inspected to ensure your system is working properly.

3. Regular Pumping Of Your Septic Tank To Avoid The Obvious

Pumping your system is one of the biggest tasks of maintenance. It should be obvious that if the tank is not pumped, it can become overburdened and cause problems. This is something that you will want to have done every couple of years or even more often if your septic system gets more than normal use for the size of your home.

4. Responsible Use Of Plumbing To Reduce Potential Damage To Septic Systems

Responsible use of plumbing can also help prevent septic problems. This can include watching your water consumption. You should also try to use products that are septic safe in your home. In addition, use harsh chemicals like bleach sparingly because they can kill the bacteria in your septic tank, which is what breaks down the solid waste. Try to use natural cleaning products that will not harm the bacteria levels in your tank. This will help ensure your system is working properly with healthy bacteria levels.

These are some maintenance tips to help you reduce problems with your septic system. If your system is overdue for maintenance, contact a septic service (such as Rob's Septic Tanks Inc) to help ensure your system is in a good working state.

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