To Rent Or Not To Rent A Roll-Off Dumpster

Some home projects generate more waste than others. For example, if you have to replace your roof or do an extensive remodel, you may generate literally tons of waste. Efficiently disposing of this waste is a key component to finishing your project. You might be tempted to save yourself money by disposing of the trash on your own, but it might be better to rent a roll-off dumpster for several reasons.

Expedite Your Schedule

If you have to dispose of your own trash, you have to take time away from working on your project. For example, if you are replacing your roof, and you need to get the old shingles out of the way so you have a place to put the new, you will not be able to start putting your roof on until you have disposed of your old shingles. If you have a roll-off dumpster, you simply park it where you can throw your shingles into it, and then schedule for the dumpster company to haul it off when you are done with it. 

Saving on Costs

If you deal with your own waste, you have to pay for gas, pay for equipment wear and tear, pay for the fee to use a waste disposal site, and possibly pay for a friend or family member to drive your truck and unload your waste. If you only have a truck, it would not make sense to buy a trailer that you don't have consistent use for. Renting a trailer will give you the ability to haul a larger volume of material at a time, but you still have to absorb the rental cost. Based on all of these factors, you might just find that it is cheaper to rent a dumpster rather than pay for all of the costs associated with dealing with your own waste. 


Unloading shingles or other debris from a truck or trailer can be slow, tedious, back-breaking work. Shingles, in particular, tend to bind together creating the need to remove them a shingle at a time. Simply paying for someone else to deal with unloading might be worth the extra cost.

When you take on a huge project, you will want to think through every phase of the process. Overestimating how much you are willing and able to take on yourself can create more cost and difficulty in the long run. In many cases, it will be better to rent a roll-off dumpster rather than take on waste disposal duties yourself. 

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Some home projects generate more waste than others. For example, if you have to replace your roof or do an extensive remodel, you may generate literal