3 Reasons To Rent Luxury Portable Restrooms For Your Next Event

When people think of portable restrooms, words such as comfort and luxury are likely the last ones that come to mind. At the same time, portable restrooms are absolute necessities for several events that are held in outdoor areas where there may not be other facilities. Fortunately, luxury portable restroom trailers offer a convenient solution to this dilemma. If you are planning to hold a large outdoor event in the near future and are considering whether or not to splurge on luxury restroom trailer rentals, take a look at just three of the biggest advantages below.

Far Better Amenities

If you are hosting a big outdoor event with dozens (or even hundreds) of guests, there is no worse feeling than having to tell each and every person who asks where the restrooms are that they'll be forced to use a basic portable stall. The most rudimentary of these stalls, while still functional, offer virtually no amenities besides toilet paper. Luxury portable restrooms, on the other hand, often feature everything from a game-changer like built-in LED lighting to smaller comforts like aromatic floral arrangements and plush hand towels.

Improved Sanitation

Of course, it is not all about looks when it comes to luxury portable restroom rentals. Another huge advantage they have over basic portable restrooms is that they can pump running water throughout an event. Rental companies can do this by hooking up to a local source of electricity or even by supplying their own generator if the occasion calls for it. This allows guests to quickly wash their hands as if they were at home in their own restroom. This in turn means that they can rejoin the event immediately, rather than starting out on yet another search for soap and water somewhere else.

Consistent Cleanliness

Even if you are planning to have a separate hand-washing station nearby in an attempt to guarantee sanitation, it does not mean that a basic portable restroom is going to necessarily be clean. Despite a host's best efforts, a portable restroom may track in dirt and mud that ruins the clothes or shoes of guests who use them. Many luxury restroom trailers, however, feature mats to wipe your feet and area rugs that provide even more comfort. Plus, many larger trailers — such as those used for corporate events and weddings — have an attendant on hand who can clean surfaces at a moment's notice. 

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When people think of portable restrooms, words such as comfort and luxury are likely the last ones that come to mind. At the same time, portable restr

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