What You Need To Know About Maintaining Hand Hygiene In Portable Toilets

The typical portable toilet, one of those tiny outhouse-like cabins, doesn't look like it would have any way for people to wash their hands after using the toilet. Once you use one of those, though, you know that's not true as those tiny spaces still have sinks in them, and there are larger external handwashing stations you can rent, too. If you're renting portable toilets for an event, you've got to ensure that each has adequate soap and other methods for keeping hands clean.

Offer Both a Soap Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer 

Technically, people should always use soap when cleaning their hands, but in a crowded area with lots of people using portable toilets, it's possible the soap could run out before you have a chance to get to the toilets to refill the dispensers. You need to take two steps to help people who find themselves without soap. Assuming you either can't have another soap dispenser added, or all the soap dispensers are out, you want to also have hand sanitizer stations in the portable toilets. The second step is to have a note or sign that clearly states who to contact if any supplies need replacing. It can be as simple as going to an information booth at the event, for example. Give people some way to let you or other workers know that the soap or something else needs refilling.

Soap May Be Liquid, Foam, or Powder

Most soaps available for public restrooms, including portable toilets, are in liquid or foam form. Foam soap requires less water, which is an advantage for portable toilets, especially if you're renting them for a huge event where a lot of people may use them. Powders aren't as common anymore, but you can get small packets of soap powder that you might consider keeping around in a bag by the sink in case the soap dispenser jams. You can also find soap sheets, but these tend to come in packs and would not work for situations where several different people would need to use one sheet each.

Look for Foot-Pump or Sensor Faucet Options (and Remember to Add Signs)

When someone goes to wash their hands after using the portable toilet, you want to give them as clean a washing situation as possible. Turning on a faucet with dirty hands and then trying to turn off the faucet with those same hands once clean will only recontaminate the hands. Look for portable toilet rentals that have sinks with sensors that automatically turn the water on and off, or look for handwashing stations with foot pedals that work the faucets. Also, remember to have signs up telling people which type of faucet control is present; you don't want someone avoiding washing their hands because they couldn't turn the faucet on and didn't know to look for a foot pedal, for example.

Ensuring good hand hygiene when you have people using portable toilets is easy. Whether you rent a separate handwashing station or get portable toilets that have sinks and soap inside, you'll be able to provide enough options so that people have no excuse not to wash their hands.

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The typical portable toilet, one of those tiny outhouse-like cabins, doesn't look like it would have any way for people to wash their hands after usin